Each film has a general schedule of the day - detailed in the below bullet points - which we incorporate into the edit to ensure that every element of the day is captured perfectly. They aren't strict requirements, simply what we have noticed to be the most common events.

Venue shots and bridal preparations. 

Depending on the venue and your preferences, this would include internal and external shots of the venue. We would start very early to shoot both long and close up shots of the wedding decorations prior to the arrival of any guests. During this time I would get drone shots of the venue weather permitting. Once all of the venue shots are complete I would start with the bridal preparations and Jack would do groom preparations if this is something that you would like to include in the video. 


Readings & Vows, giving and receiving of the rings, the first kiss and signing of the register.


Wedding couple photos.

We will work to any schedule whether these photos are done during the ceremony or later on in the day. Normally we would film alongside the photographer to capture the couple photos, followed by group photographs. 

Speeches, Cake cutting & First dance. 

Cutting of the cake is a popular tradition which most brides like to add to their day, however we have had clients who have preferred not to do this so it is entirely your choice. Similarly with the first dance, it is a popular tradition however it isn't everyones preference so we are happy to work with whatever you choose to do. 

Dancing & Party. 

Everything from the band, DJ, dancing with the parents to the drunken cousin in the corner. We will stay until the very end of the wedding so that we don't miss anything!